Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion Goku vs Cell -Cell´s Revenge- Episode1

  • 6 yıl önce
2 days to a new edition of the World Martial Arts Tournament and Goku prepares for the event. But he does not know who is going to have to face one of the biggest challenges of his life. Cell returns from the dead to take revenge on Goku and his friends. Can they achieve victory this time and maintain peace on Earth?\r
Im a fan of Dragon Ball Z and martial arts films, and I wanted to merge. The ion moves played in Stop Motion are taken from Donnie Yen and Scott Adkins, because for me they are the most spectacular, not to mention the Great Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.\r
Other Movements of ion have been taken from Aaron Gassor (Ginger Ninja), a Martial Arts Instructor that has a super channel on youtube ( \r
Faltan 2 días para una nueva edición del Torneo Mundial de Artes Marciales y Son Goku se prepara para el evento. Pero no sabe que se va tener que enfrentar a uno de los mayores retos de su vida. Cell regresa de entre los muertos para vengarse de Goku y sus amigos. ¿Podrán esta vez alcanzar la victoria y mantener la paz en la Tierra?\r
Soy un fan de Dragon Ball Z y de las películas de artes marciales, y he querido fusionarlos.\r
Los movimientos de acción reproducidos en Stop Motion han sido tomados de Donnie Yen y Scott Adkins, ya que para mí son de los más espectaculares, sin olvidar a los Grandes Jackie Chan y Bruce Lee. \r
Otros Movimientos de acción reproducidos han sido tomados de Aaron Gassor (Ginger Ninja), un Maestro de Artes Marciales que tiene un super canal en youtube ( \r
Mis agradecimientos a Tron544 ( por su colaboración y su talento con la guitarra.\r
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Directed by Javier Martinez\r
Music Cover by Tron544 \r
Set Decorators by Conchi Benitez & Javier Martinez\r
A dostortasfilms productions\r
Music: We Gotta Power (Guitar Cover) By Tron544 \r
We Were Angels (Guitar Cover) By Tron544 \r
Software Dragonframe (stop motion), Adobe After Effects Effects (visual effects), Adobe Premiere Pro (edition)\r
Hardware Canon Revel t4i (650d)\r
Action Figures Son Goku Normal & Super Saiyan (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts) Perfect Cell (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts)\r
Vegeta (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts) Trunks (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts)\r
Piccolo (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts)\r
Android Nº18 (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts)\r
Krillin (BANDAI S.H. Figuarts)\r
Sounds: \r
Nightime_____________________By Mike Koening (Soundbible.com)\r
Wind________________________By Mark Di Angelo (Soundbible.com)\r
Thunder_sound_fx_____________By Grant Evans (Soundbible.com)\r
Stomach Growling Sound________By XxBirdoxX (Soundbible.com)\r
Bone Crushing___________ ____By Mike Koening (Soundbible.com)\r
Left Hook____________________By Mike Koening (Soundbible.com)\r
Right Hook___________________By Mike Koening (Soundbible.com)\r
Slow reverb swoosh_____________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Delay swoosh___________________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Short whip______________________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Stutter swish___________________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Big Drum________________________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Boiling Crash___________________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Fast Zing_______________________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Fast Swoosh Down______________________________Videocopilot.net\r
Fast Dark Woosh________________________________Videocopilot.net