4 years ago

Lauren Gottlieb Dances On Salman Khan's Jumme Ki Raat At London Street

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Bollywood Trivia
Lauren Gotlieb is a Salman Khan fan and Salman Khan also loves her a lot . So when she was travelling in Uber in London, and the Indian driver played a Salman Khan song she just zipped out of the taxi and started dancing on the road. Yeah, if you are a Sallu fan and if you are really all Salmanned this is what happens.

Interactions between Lauren and Salman have been off and on seen by the fans and we also love Lauren’s spunk.
Anyway with salman busy with his upcoming Tubelight we are expecting his co star Zhu Zhu to do something equally whacky.

For when it is Salman evderyone just goes crazy and why not it is after all fandom that keeps the star going hai na? Meanwhile with Jumme Ki Raat comes the next in line of songs in Tubelight. Stay tuned.
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