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Pineapple Jam Recipe | Organic Pineapple Jam Recipe | Homemade Recipe | Boldsky

A freshly made batch of Pineapple jam can be an ideal start for your perfect Sunday breakfast and this organic jam recipe will win you over with its deliciousness and the promise of nutrition that it offers. We solely put our faith in organic recipes, hence this jam recipe is absolutely preservative free yet you can store it for weeks if kept in an air-tight jar. So, for a delicious breakfast spread with toasted bread and a freshly made batch of pineapple jam, prepare this easily at home and share your favourite jam recipe with us.


1. Pineapple – 1

2. Lemon juice – ½ a lemon

3. Sugar – 1 cup

4. Water – ½ cup

Recipe by - Kavya
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