Opening & Closing To Elmos World: Wild Wild West! VHS(2001)

  • 7 лет назад
As Requested By TheVideoLover1, Here Are The VHS Openings & Closings For Elmos World: Wild Wild West!, And In Order:\r
1. FBI Warning Screen\r
2. Sony Wonder Logo\r
3. Sesame Workshop Logo\r
4. Sesame Street: Kids Favorite Songs 2 Trailer\r
5. Elmos World: Birthdays, Games & More! Trailer\r
6. Stay Tuned Bumper\r
7. Title Bumper\r
8. Opening Intro To The Program\r
9. Thanks For Helping Screen\r
10. Copyright Screen\r
11. Sesame Street Website Promo\r
12. Look For These Great Products From Sesame Street Bumper\r
13. Sesame Street Book Collection Promo\r
14. Sesame Street: Elmos Magic Cookbook Trailer\r
15. Sesame Street: Elmos Music Adventure Trailer\r
16. Sesame Street: Elmos World Trailer\r
17. CinderElmo Trailer\r
18. Sesame Street: Kids Favorite Songs Trailer\r
19. Disclaimer Bumper\r
P.S., Everything Belongs To Their Original Copyright Holders. I Do Not Own Anything. So No Copyright Intended What So Ever.