Opening/Closing To Wild Child Bootleg DVD 6/6/23

  • last year
NOTE: I skipping for 2 previews for universal on blu-ray disc hi-def and undo the deception ''Icons'' because of bootleg dvd is a damaged was problems with my sony dvd and blu-ray player, and about closing for deluxe digital studios logo? There's a nothing to black screen for deluxe digital studios logo, that bootleg dvd is damaged. Also about Universal Pictures copyright claim is not released and betrayed me for 3 months ago. I can't believe that copyright owner to bring it on fight to the finish 2009 is reference trailer from Universal Pictures, and my google mailbox his copyright taken-down notice issued by Universal Pictures is until 7 days no fucking reason at all, this copyright information claim is fucking problem right now. Then, I no longer my opening and closing to Wild Child bootleg dvd video on YouTube, Universal Pictures copyright claim is so bullshit and fucking lying to me. This is gone too far, and that's ridiculous, permanently...

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