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Boss Acoustic Singer Pro & Live Amplifiers - Review & Demo

Boss Acoustic Singer Pro - https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/boss-acoustic-singer-pro-acoustic-amplifier

Boss Acoustic Singer Live - https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/boss-acoustic-singer-live-acoustic-amplifier

Designed with solo singer/guitarists in mind, the new Boss Acoustic Singer Live & Pro are great sounding, 2 channel acoustic amplifiers with built in vocal harmonist, looper and effects. In this video, Sam and Meg, the acoustic guitar specialist at our PMT Portsmouth store, take an in-depth look at these fantastic new amplifiers...

Available in two different sizes, the Acoustic Singer Live offers 60 watt output with a 6.5" woofer, whilst it's bigger brother, the Acoustic Singer Pro, boasts 120w output power through an 8" driver. Aside from output power, speaker size, weight and cabinet size, both amps offer the same features.

Both feature a bi-amped design, meaning that the woofer and dome tweeter are amplified separately for greater clarity and to maximise volume. Both amps also feature two channels, one for vocals, the other for guitar. The vocal channel features a dual XLR/jack balanced input, pad attenuator, EQ, anti-feedback and delay/echo and reverb effects. Also included the vocal channel is a foot switchable harmonist, allowing you to choose from either a high, low or unison harmony, with the harmony note automatically following the guitar chords you play.

Very similar to vocal channel, the guitar channel also features a pad attenuator, EQ, anti-feedback and reverb, but there's also two different types of chorus effect to give you tone a little more shimmer. The final big feature on the front panel is a foot-switchable looper, offering 40 seconds of looping time with unlimited overdubs.

The panel of the amp offers a pretty comprehensive I/O, with balanced XLR outs, aux input, footswitch connection, headphones/line out and a USB out...meaning that the Acoustic Singers amplifiers can even be used a basic computer recording interface.

So if you're a soloist singer/guitarist looking for an all-in-one acoustic amp, loud enough for small gigs but compact enough to carry easily...definitely go and check out either the Boss Acoustic Singer Live or Acoustic Singer Pro at your local Professional Music Technology!

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