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Fender Mustang GT Amplifiers (GT40, GT100 & GT200) - Review, Demo & Comparison

Check out the Fender Mustang GT range:

GT40 - https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/fender-mustang-gt-40-combo-amplifier

GT100 - https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/fender-mustang-gt-100-combo-amplifier

GT200 - https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/fender-mustang-gt-200-combo-amplifier

In this video, Sam takes a look at the brand new for 2017 range of Fender Mustang GT modelling guitar combos...

The Fender Mustang series have been amongst our best-selling guitar amps for a number of years now, offering a huge range of features, awesome tones and great value for money…so how do Fender improve on this winning formula? Well, put simply, add more effects, more sophisticated amp modelling, more power and most significantly, state-of-the-art wireless connectivity. Meet the Fender Mustang GT!

There's currently 3 amps in the range, the GT40, GT100 and GT200 offering 40w, 100w and 200w output respectively. The GT40 is perfect for home practice and studio work, whereas it's bigger brothers will hold their own in most gigging situations.

All of the amps feature Fender's new and improved amp modelling algorithms with 21 high quality amp sims and 47 effects. The Mustang GT's are also the world's first WI-FI enabled guitar amplifiers, which when combined with the Fender Tone app (free for Apple or Android devices) allows you to download and share artist or user patches and update your amp's system software wirelessly.

So take a quick look and listen with PMTV and make sure to check out these new amps at your local Professional Music Technology!

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