UNIQ's SEOUL Tour. (Jongno, Myeong-dong and Itaewon) [ENG SUB]

  • 8년 전
Everything about Seoul by Uniq's Sung-joo and Zhou Yi Xuan.
Their second destination is Jongno , Myeong-dong and Itaewon!
Jongno is a place where you can experience the traditional Korean feeling(places like Insa-dong and Ssamji-gil).
Bonded imported clothing stores, Spa brands, and department stores, Myeong-dong is a shopping paradise.
Last but not least, a place popular even to Koreans these days because of the various international foods, Itaewon!

This is an introduction video to tourist attractions in Korea you must go that Uniq personally chose. There are a lot of travel tips you might need so don't miss out!

The next episode coming up is Yeonnam-dong and Hongdae! It will be revealed on Thursday, December 1.