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6 years ago

Jodie Marsh Taken From Behind | Warning: contains cocks and dog impressions

Holy Moly
Holy Moly
People are really quite surprising and wonderful sometimes. Who would ever have thought a former glamour model, Essex Wives star and Celebrity Big Brother housemate would become a bodybuilding champion, documentary filmmaker and feminist champion. But Jodie Marsh has done just that. And we love and respect her for it. However, that didn’t stop us from sending our presenter Claira Hermet to ask her about men’s cocks, celibacy, nudity and dogs. Just because she’s changed, doesn’t mean we have.

Jodie Marsh’s new series starts on TLC on Tuesdays at 10pm from 14th October. These four new documentaries see Jodie investigate Plastic Surgery, Virginity, Mail Order Brides and Lying Cheating Men.

Four subjects very close to our hearts.

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