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5 years ago


Holy Moly
Holy Moly
Friday the 13th, unlucky for some and just a day to go until Valentine's Day, so what better to look at in this weeks show than unlucky in love celebrities!
And hasn't it been full of it this week with the annoucement that Peaches and Max are to spilt *gasp* and Eddie Murphy has finally been forced to cough up some dough for his kid with Mel B, so expect more shit movies on the way soon.
But of course the BIG new week is Rihanna and Chris Brown. Somewhere in between the Grammy's pre party and the actual awards, Chris took out his frustration on Rihanna's head! Who would have thought that someone who sounds like a girly chipmunk could have had the strength or indeed the inclination to batter Rihanna's beautiful face. Shame on you!