Mahabharat - Pandavas In Exile - Telugu

  • 8 years ago
Thus losers in the deceitful act of gambling, and insulted by Kauravas, the Pandavas started for their exile in forest. Vidura told Yudhisthira to allow mother Kunti to stay back as she was old and weak. Yudhisthira agreed. Draupadi, however, accompanied her husbands to the forest. A few Brahmins and sage Dhaumya also went with them.
The Pandavas reached Kamyak Forest and decided to rest there for a while.
The news of their exile reached Sri Krishna, the ruler of Dwaraka. He was related to Pandavas as a cousin brother and was their friend, saviour, and guide. Moreover, Draupadi always treated him as her elder brother.
Sri Krishna reached Kamyak forest to Pandavas and Draupadi. After inquiring about their well being, he advised Pandavas to be vigilant and not lose heart.
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