Mahabharat - Birth Of Kauravas & Pandavas - Telugu

  • 8 years ago
Sura was a scion of the Yadava clan and was grandfather of Krishna. His daughter was Pritha. Sura's cousin Kuntibhoja did not have any children so he gave his daughter Pritha in adoption to Kuntibhoja. Pritha was known as Kunti after her adoptive father.
When Kunti was a young girl, Rishi Durvasa came to live with them as guest for a year. Rishi Durvasa was well known for his quick temper. Kunti was given the immense responsibility to taking care of Rishi Durvasa. She took served him with a lot of care, patience and respect. Rishi Durvasa was very pleased with her service. "I am going to teach you a mantra. By invoking it upon any God, he will manifest himself and give you a son equal to him in glory." He foresaw the misfortune of Kunti's husband and gave her this boon.

As time passed Kunti grew impatient day by day. She wanted to test the boon. One day, she decided to invoke the mantra on bright shining Sun in the sky. As soon as she invoked the mantra, dark clouds came over and under the screen of the clouds Sun god came in all his glory. Kunti stood transfixed watching the divine visitor.

"Who are you?" she asked.
"I am the sun god and I am drawn by the divine son-giving spell that you uttered." Replied Sun.
Kunti was aghast. "I am a young unwed girl. I cannot have a son. Please go back and forgive the folly of my youth."
"Once you utter the powerful mantra, I cannot go back without fulfilling the request." The sun god was held by the power of the spell and Kunti was mortified at the prospect of having a child. "Do not be afraid. Cast away the child in a secure basket.
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