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6 years ago

Establishment animators and paid shills TomoNews say it’s over for Bernie Sanders

TomoNews Funnies
TomoNews Funnies
‘MERICA — After losing 4 of 5 primary contests on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders supporters will be forced to confront the reality that his quixotic presidential campaign has come to an end.

The Vermont senator’s bid for the democratic nomination actually ended following the New York primary. And before that, the Super Tuesday primary.

The math was never on Bernie’s side. From the outset, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton seized a sizeable lead in both pledged delegates and the popular vote that was difficult to overcome.

Yet despite electoral each setback, the Bernie Sanders campaign insisted on its own version of a reality -- what we now call a “narrative” -- which said that momentum was with Sanders and victory still achievable.

Fair enough on Sanders and his supporters for trying and hanging in there, for staying relentlessly optimistic.

But what rankled anyone who didn’t support Sanders were the excuses. Excuses such as the system is rigged and the primaries undemocratic. Or that Clinton’s string of victories in the South were meaningless, because that part of the country is conservative. Or that the minorities who overwhelmingly supported Clinton were low-information voters who didn’t understand how Sanders’ policies were better for them.

And excuses eventually became denigration and the practice of the very type of politics that Sanders initially foreswore. Anyone who dare criticized Sanders was labelled ‘establishment’ or a bought and paid for ‘shill.’

It’s possible, however, that Sanders’ policy prescriptions are just not what the majority of people want … and the majority of people lack faith in his abilities.

Your candidate simply wasn’t the best suited for the job.


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