il y a 7 ans

Robocar Poli S2 | #49.Cap is neat vidéo

Dessin Anime
Whenever Cap gets muddy on his body, he stops playing and goes to wash off. Wanting to keep the body clean, Cap stays and keeps putting on soap in the car .

It was so perfect 27. Rody is a liar (1:19) 28. Greedy Mr.Wheeler (12:33) 29. I like the circus (23:39) 30. Swampy situation (34:50) 31. Mini's present (46:59) 32.



Mr, Musty goes to the toy store with 'Little Trio' and in the store, he spots TRUCK X who kidnaps 'Tiny Trio'. Mr, Musty chases TRUCK X but he is too old to catch .