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Robocar Poli S2 | #44.Where are you, Jin vidéo

Dessin Anime
It was so perfect 27. Rody is a liar (1:19) 28. Greedy Mr.Wheeler (12:33) 29. I like the circus (23:39) 30. Swampy situation (34:50) 31. Mini's present (46:59) 32.

Jin and children go on a field trip to woods and get caught in the rain storm. They quickly hind in the cave, but the stream is flooded and now they are trapped.

Jin announces the shocking news that there will be a audition for choir members, and the members will participate in the big choir contest held in the big city.

Marine brings a singing dolphin, Mingming, to a harbor and introduces Mingming to friends. On that night, Mingming accidentally swallows a can which has .

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