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7 years ago

Blighted Coven story quest. Destiny The Taken King. Zhalo Supercell exotic auto rifle gameplay

I have tried this story solo few days ago ( Story level 40 ) and realized that I don't have good weapons to do it solo in a reasonable time.
Now I got Zhalo Supercell exotic auto rifle, and now I know I am ready to complete this story. This is not the strongest auto rifle, and I am not a huge fan of auto rifles, however it's perk to chain bolts of arc damage between enemies is so awesome! I love this rifle mostly because of this. And Taken tend to group together in clusters of 3-5 enemies which makes them a perfect shooting target for Zhalo Supercell.

Have a nice game!

Destiny Blighted Coven. Destiny Zhalo Supercell gameplay.
Zhalo Supercell exotic auto rifle.