7 years ago

Destiny Paradox story quest solo walkthrough The Taken King expansion

This story - Paradox on Venus - seems to be not a high level quest - just level 38, however I have tried it once before and after 2-3 attempts I have realized that in the first part there are too many enemies to handle solo when you have no good weapons. Now I have a weapon of mass-distraction: new exotic Zhalo Supercell which arcs lightning between close enemies. This is what I need - in Paradox quest Taken tend to group in 2-4 or more enemies together - shooting one enemy will cause damage to the whole group!
Please notice that Taken often paired together by some kind of energy link. The front one - the glowing one - is immune, so you need to shoot the leader which is usually hide behind. Also once go to the second stage with Hydra, the similar thing happens to Hydra - shoot the light connected to it, otherwise Hydra will stay immune.

Have a nice game!

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