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7 years ago

Elephant knocks on window at Kruger National Park

An amusing video has emerged of an elephant knocking on the window of a safari lodge at the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The footage, captured last month, shows the curious animal peering in while rattling its tusks against the window.

The hut's occupants can be heard trying to get rid of the cheeky elephant before it leaves.

The filmer wrote online: "Five bull elephants broke the electric fence around the lodge to gain access to trees (due to the drought) and stayed inside the lodge area for three weeks from 30 July to 19 August 2015.

We spoke everyday and evening to them, and they got used to us and we think this elephant was just very inquisitive when he saw us. But when we told him 'no', he listened - same when we were walking around in the lodge area and had to ask them to move so that we could go to specific areas."