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6 years ago

Anti-chinese government: Next Media Chairman Jimmy Lai supports Hong Kong democracy

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
Hong Kong news outlets recently reported on Next Media Chairman, Jimmy Lai's political donations to the Pan-democracy camp. An email from somebody claiming to be a 'Next Media stockholder', revealed that Lai had made the donations via Mark Simon, the commercial director at Next Media Animation.

Reporters at Hong Kong Apple Daily, a publication owned by Lai, wondered why they were left off the mailing list that included the donation receipts as an attachment.

During an Apple Daily radio show interview, Lai said that his company server as well as Simon's computer were hacked. He stressed that he'd devoted what he can to push for Hong Kong's development for the benefit of society. He said the donations did not come from the US or anyone else—every penny came from his own pocket.

Apple Daily reporters joked with him about when they were due for a raise.

Lai also urged other entrepreneurs to support Pan-democrats to further Hong Kong's push for democracy.

Lai has donated HK$40 million, or about US$5.16 million, to the Pan-democracy camp over the past two years. On the other hand, the Pro-Beijing camp, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, was able to raise HK$68 million, or US$8.8 million, in one night of fundraising in April.

Anson Chan, the founder of Hong Kong 2020, criticized the attempts to denounce Lai's efforts, while Martin Lee, the founder of Democratic Party in Hong Kong, said this kind of white terror was pointless.

Staffers at Hong Kong Apple Daily think the attack on Lai is simply a way to divert attention from Beijing's influence on Hong Kong politics.

The pan-democratic camp stressed again that they only accept non-conditional donations.


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