8 years ago

Paul Ogata Jokes on Fire Trucks in This Fire Truck Video! - Stand Up Comedy

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I always thought the fire truck was always the coolest automobile in the world, until I saw Batman. But still, the fire truck is still on the list of most awesome automobiles, not because they are so big, but because they have that distinct fire truck siren. You guys know, the fire truck siren that can make someone go deaf from miles away...I mean we get it, you're a giant red truck, do you really need that giant fire truck siren to get people getting out your way? That was a rhetorical question to all the fire trucks drivers out there. I love the different type of fire trucks too, like the one with the ladders, versus the ones with the hoses, versus the sedans. You definitely need a giant truck to hold all of the fire truck equipment, there is so much fire truck equipment, that I find it hard to believe that they actually remember to bring everything when there is a fire. I'm sure they have like fire truck video tutorials to teach all of the firefighters how to remember everything. I would hate to be the person who forgot the hose, all the other firefighters would be like "c'mon man, didn't you pay attention to the fire truck video tutorial?" Anyways, I'm sure none of that even happens, but whatever. I also think it would be a pain to wash fire trucks, I wonder how much those people get paid or tipped...if you want to continue to laugh, please subscribe to StandUpBits! And increase your daily funny!