8 years ago

Short People Jokes: Paul Ogata Jokes on Being Short! - Stand Up Comedy

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I wouldn't tell jokes about short people, they can be quite clever, just ask Paul Ogata. He may be short, but he is one clever dude, and he tells great jokes about short people. He can do that because he's short, he's got a short person pass. Short people in general are very cool, they always make me feel taller so I enjoy that. Some of my favorite actors were short people such as Mini Me from Austin Powers the head Oompa Loompa, and Gary Coleman. I loved Gary Coleman in those check into cash commercials. I bet you short people joke about tall people all the time. Short people stick together, I don't think they like to stand out in a crowd...or stand in a crowd. Short people joke about all kinds of things, which you can tell from Paul Ogata's bits on this channel. Short people are hilarious, and short people jokes may be the funniest. I loved all the short people jokes from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air that Will would say to Carlton. Will Smith has probably some of the best funny short people jokes ever, Paul Ogata also has some very funny short people jokes as well. Paul's may be better because he too is short, Will was tall which just made the short people jokes a bit cruel. I also loved Seinfeld, and one of my favorite episodes was when Kramer was friends with the short actor and convinced the actor to use shoe lifts. There was a short people society in that episode, and I learned so much, there were specific jokes short people would tell each other. The jokes short people told would only be understood by short people, because they have a different perspective on the world...being so low to the ground and all. I wish I wasn't a short person, I had dreams like Paul to make it in the NBA. I bet NBA players tell funny jokes about short people all the time, I'm sure Mugsy Bogues would get picked on by his team mates. Funny jokes about short people are rare to find, but Paul Ogata, and other shorty's can tell them to perfection. For more hilarious standup comedy, and to increase your daily funny, please subscribe to StandUpBits!