8 years ago


So I had to get Jeana (my girlfriend) back for the time that she pretended to cheat on me by putting a dude's mannequin head in our bed. The only way to get even was to make her feel like she was cheated on, but I had to take it to the next level by getting a real girl in the bed with me! I asked Jenna Marbles to help prank Jeana while we were all at a YouTube convention. We were staying in the same hotel which made it very convenient. There was a party earlier that night that we went to and I was purposely ignoring Jeana while I was there. I was acting real shady and ended up leaving Jeana there alone and snuck out of the party real early. I set up the crime scene with Jenna and my buddy Charles Trippy who helped film from behind the curtain. At the end of the night, I had Charles's wife, Alli, come up to the room with my girlfriend, and text us when she was on the way up. Alli was told to trick Jeana into thinking she needed to borrow something from our room. Being that Alli is a vlogger, having the camera on was natural to Jeana. I think her heart dropped when she walked in and saw me in the bed with a blonde chick! PAYBACK SAAAN!