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Jesse was away in Florida for a friend's birthday, so I took this opportunity to pretend to cheat on him while he was gone! I bought an entire men's outfit and sprayed it with cologne in the mall to smell like a different guy. I planted the shoes and hoodie at the front door along with a pair of my heels to make it look like I was out and dressed up. I took all of Jesse's coats off of the hooks, so it would look like I was hiding the fact that I lived with him. The smell of the cologne was so strong coming off of the hoodie.

I was purposely acting real shady so he would think something was up and I began to ignore his phone calls. His friend was driving him home and I was texting his girlfriend who was also in the car, so she could let me know his estimated time of arrival. Once he walked in, he knew something was up, so he stormed into the bedroom where I strategically placed "my date's" clothes on the floor along with my clothes. I ran into the bed to lie under the covers so that all that could be seen was my head and the head of a mannequin which looks a real person! Instantly, it appeared as if I was cheating on Jesse with another guy! Like any guy would, Jesse flips out! HAHAHAHA