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8 years ago

WoW Fastest way to 90 - How to Level 1-90 In 2 Day-MoP,Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide

World Of Warcraft Leveling and Farming Gold Guide
wow fast leveling 1-90 in 3 days

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This Addon covers alliance horde and all classes such as paladin priest rogue shaman warlock druid hunter monk and warior power leveling guide
And gold farming herbs and any thing else you can think of how to, money earn drop auction house sell buy trade AH buy

Play on autopilot and stop thinking about what to do next.
Power Level Your Character Solo The FASTEST Way Possible
*CATA :Level 1 -- 60 Guides
*BURNING:Level 60 -- 70 Guides
*Wotlk :Level 70 -- 80 Guides
*CATA :Level 80 -- 85 Guides
*MIST :Level 85 -- 90 Guides

*Fully automated with automatic step detection and automatic waypoints.
*Simple and easy to use. Step-by-step instructions.
*Compatible with ANY level character.
*Compatible with Recruit-a-friend, Dungeons Heirlooms and PVP leveling.
*Lightweight and doesn't slow down your computer.

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