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8 years ago

Kouravudu Songs - Rayanti Raraju - Nagendra Babu, Annapoorna - HD

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Volga Videos
Movie: Kouravudu,
Cast: Nagendra Babu, Ramya Krishna, Achyuth, Kamaraju, Annapoorna, M.S. Narayana,
Director: V Jyothi Kumar,
Music: Manisharma,
Genre: Romance, Drama,
Release Year: 28 July 2000.

Story Line:
Suryam is the Jamindar cum president of that village.
He is good at heart. But gives scant respect to the women around.
He feels that women are untouchable people who he should not discuss about.
He is a widower and has a kid and lives with his mother.
Sashi(Ramya Krishna) joins the school in that village as a teacher.
Sashi is quite embarrassed by the way he behaves with the women around.
She talks to the mother of Suryam and comes to know that he has a flashback that justifies his hatred toward women.
His brother opted for a suicide as his girlfriend ditched him for a better guy.
He found that his was wife was sleeping around with other guys.
Then Suryam kills the lover of his wife and sees that his wife is gone for a suicide After listening to this Sashi decides to change Suryam.
Sashi gets closer to Suryam by saving Suryam's son when an accident happens.
Later on she convinces that Suryam that all women are not bad.
After realizing this he treats women normally and reopens the temples that are consisting of 'Devata's for Pooja.
He also gives up his boozing habits and asks all his village men to get rid of boozing.
As our widower falls in love with Sashi, she too moves closely with Suryam.
Sashi showers motherly love on the son of Suryam.
Just about when Suryam wants to express his love to Sashi ...
Rahil enters the village and Suryam comes to know that Rahul and Sashi are lovers and they dated for the past 4 years.
In spite of having her lover around Sashi moves closely with Suryam and his kid.
Sashi and Rahul too are deeply in love. But Rahul is having some reservations about Sashi talking to Suryam.
As the plot thickens, the viewer is left with two options of Sashi to marry.
Is he going to be rahul, her college time love and the m

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