Patreon Token

Get to know the Patreon Token
The Patreon Token is a cryptocurrency created by three pet-friendly crypto fans to create support for the animal welfare and conservation organizations they love, anytime, anywhere. The Patreon Token was created on December 01, 2021. It is made of 88 million pieces and each cryptocurrency can be divided into 8 decimal places.

It is good news for us and we hope for all animal lovers and nature lovers that the Patreon Token has embarked on its world conquest journey on December 1, 2021. We hope to reach all over the world, without exception, to organizations worthy and in need to help.

Our goal
Our team will distribute a minimum of 80 million PTRN tokens to various aid organizations. This means that we want to send 8,000 tokens for free to at least 10,000 animal welfare and conservation organizations, which can be sold to generate revenue. The remaining 8 million tokens will be used to develop to our project. The most important thing for us is that all animal welfare and conservation organizations on the planet can be easily and instantly supported by everyone, wherever they live or stay in the world.