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9 years ago

Home made solar electricity using do-it-yourself solar panels. Also covers building wind turbines!

michael collins
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Solar electricity has been creating buzz for a long time now, but it hasn't been something you could really do at home. The idea is a great one - instead of being a slave to the power company that charges you an arm and a leg, you can generate solar electricity at home and rely on your own power. It's even possible to make your power meter run backwards, forcing the power company to pay YOU for the power you are sending back into the grid from your solar energy panels.

Generating solar electricity used to be a "cutting edge" and very expensive technology. But these days, the low cost of building solar electricity panels, along with design plans that are easy to build at home, makes them a great option for anybody who wants to cut their power bill. One guide that is extremely popular is called Home Made Energy, which provides a lot of detailed information you can't find anywhere else.

Before long, I think most homeowners will be generating their own solar electricity to drastically cut their electric bills down to size. As more and more people are figuring out that you can do this at home for an affordable cost these days, it will probably become rare NOT to see solar electricity panels on a home or place of business.

Click on the link above to visit the official website of Home Made Energy and learn more about generating solar electricity at home.

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