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Second Passport, , Second Citizenship, Diplomatic Passport ,Second Passport AND Second Citizenship Programs.

Second Passport, ,Second Citizenship, Diplomatic Passport and ...Second Passport AND Second Citizenship Programs

Introduction - For as be established and well respected nations. Time frame is 10 -15 days. Passports are good for Visa free travel to Central and South America, European Union, most of Africa, most of the Caribbean Islands and parts of Asia. These passports are NOT good for visa free travel to USA or Canada. We offer nothing for the USA or Canada. You do have to come to the issuing country to get started. This is for fingerprints, photographs and signatures. Documents are verifiable in government computer system. Passports can be renewed at any embassy of the issuing nation.

Economic Citizenships -- This is just one approach of several that can be used to obtain a second citizenship and passport. There are other approaches available as well. There are one or two countries offering economic based citizenships that like to state that they have the only lawful way to a second passport or a second citizenship. These statements are 100% untrue as in a lie, and are nothing more than marketing noise generated by the sellers of such services. There are many nations with many citizenship programs.

Passport Scams -- If you are told that your passport will be delivered to you by courier it is a false document. If you are told that you can pick up your documents and passports at the embassy it is going to be false documents. You must travel to the country of issuance to process your citizenship and passport. Embassies can process passport renewals but they do not process citizenships.

Diplomatic Passports -- These can be obtained as well. Time frame is 30-45 days. They also include a citizenship for life. The fee is $150,000 for one person. There is no family plan, sorry. These passports carry full diplomatic immunity and are issued for five years. To learn more about Diplomatic Passports please go here:

Diplomatic Passports

Private Name Changes - You can also affect a name change for your new second citizenship. This can only be done after the new country has jurisdiction over you. This occurs when you have your new citizenship. No one will be able to go into any public database or public records and see that you had a name change. The name change feature makes these passports desirable for offshore banking. These countries do not tax any offshore-derived income so opening up bank accounts using your new identity is quite easy even in the most desirable jurisdictions like Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Countries For Visa Free Travel -- The countries vary slightly regarding visa free travel. This is a general idea of the countries, which the passport will allow visa free travel into: