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Portable USB Interactive Whiteboard – Interactive Whiteboard with USB Connection

Jeffrey Ulrich
Portable USB Interactive Whiteboard - http://www.chinavasion.com/pcds-HomeAudioVideo/ - IR Pen-based, USB connection

Used together with any type of projector, this Portable USB Interactive Whiteboard connects to your computer via USB and captures the IR pen movement on the projected image through its IR sensor. It enables you to draw, circle, or highlight on your presentation using an IR-enabled pen. Finally you can move around freely without being chained to your computer and impress your audience with your presentation!

Simply connect the receiver to your computer, and then turn on your projector. The driver software for the receiver can be installed in just a matter of seconds. The installation and calibration can be done within two minutes. Once you are finished, the projected image on the wall will turn into your computer’s touchscreen! You can use the pen to open programs or files, draw, and perform various tasks just like you do with your mouse.

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At a Glance...

*Make presentation more powerful, teaching easier and learning more fun
*Easy to set up and use
*Easily used with a projector and computer
*Light weight and portable
*Two IR-enabled pens included

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