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10 years ago

MYBRITE ULTRAMARINE BLUE manufacturer and supplier exporter

MYBRITE Ultramarine Blue
Exporter and Supplier

For White Washing of Wall :

When you prepare lime for white washing your wall, add proportionate amount of MYBRITE Blue in the lime. Stir it well until mixture becomes soft blue. Apply it over the surface and you will get dazzling whiteness on your wall.

For White Clothes :

Rinse the Clothes in clean water, take proportionate quantity of MYBRITE blue in a piece of cloth. Stir it well in water until the MYBRITE blue dissoves completely & the water becomes uniformly blue. Dip the rinsed Clothes on by one and swirl 2-3 times. Squeeze and put to dry. you will find dazzling MYBRITE blue whiteness in clothes.

Packaging: 25gram, 100gram, 200gram, 400gram, 500gram, 700 gram and 25 kg bulk.

Wanted Distributors and Dealer:

We are looking for a distributors, Dealer, whole seller and supplier for distributing our products. Only one dealer will be appointed per cities. We are looking for a distributors in the following states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh,Rajasthan and Karnataka. To apply online for distributor

Other Products :

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Mybrite ultramarine Blue

Exporter :

We are Indian exporters of consumer goods to USA,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,Hong kong,Germany,Japan,Belgium,singapore,Italy,Bangladesh,France,Netherland,Saudi arabia,Sri lanka and Spain. We are looking for an importer to distribute our products, only one distributors per country /State.

Become our Distributors:

We are looking for an importer to become our distributors in following country Iran, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Belgium, Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, France and Malaysia

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