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10 years ago

GM Jim Brassard Boulder Col. Shaolin Kempo Karate Kung-Fu Jiu-Jitsu Seminar 2012

Jim Brassard

Join GM Jim Brassard 10th Degree Black Belt in Boulder Colorado for a Martial Arts seminar revealing Secrets only..... ..The Masters Know!!!
Kempo Combinations
Statue of the Crane.

This is a kata taught in the beginning stages of training and is noted to be the first shaolin animal form.

Known in other circles as the "Rohai" The name translates approximately to "Vision of a Crane".

There are many hidden secrets that can be teased out of this form. But the one I chose to touch upon was shown to me by a Grandmaster at a seminar in 85.

He referred to it as the

"Lotta Palm"

Which when practiced cultivates the One Strike Kill Method.

Isolating this movement out of the form can and will lead to incredible power and the ability to end the battle in just one blow . I'll even show you how this applies to a Baseball.

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