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James Cameron plants roots in China

Director James Cameron joins forces with China.

The Oscar-winning director is taking advantage of the country's booming movie industry and will open a 3-D film division.

Cameron says the enthusiasm of his Chinese partners to try out live 3-D broadcast technology, exceeds even his own.

SOUNDBITE: James Cameron, director, saying (English):

"We think we're really on the verge of a major kind of media revolution here, and we can do it. We certainly have the enabling technology, we have the methodology, we've honed our skills."

The new arm of Cameron Pace Group, CPG China Division, will offer Chinese film makers three-dimensional camera technology but will not be immediately involved in producing films.

SOUNDBITE: James Cameron, director, saying (English):

"We may take an equity position in a specific production if that makes sense at the time, again, some reduced margin in terms of the services and technology that we provide, that's a possibility. But that's not our primary goal."

Cameron calls the deal "huge", but will not divulge details on the amount of the investment.
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