Upper Body Strength And Vertical Jump Training

  • 12 years ago
What’s up? So we have a question here today by Pravojak Vert, his question was, “Do higher vertical leap requires strong upper body?”
Good question, a lot of people wonder do the biceps, forearms, pecks, abdominals increase your vertical leap. So here is your answer. Shoulders, lower back, abs do help. Shoulder anti flexion, because your shoulders are holding the ball, they are also generating, when you jump if you can get a lot of range of motion, and generate some upward movement with your arms, yes that will help but that is mostly your shoulders; biceps, triceps not really and traps, not really.
Abs, yes but I believe that people kind of over rate it a little bit because abs are involved in the counter movement, so before you jump you move forward like this. And your very lower abs do help you with some hip extension. However some people say that the abs are the secret to skyrocketing your vertical leap, and that’s not necessarily true.
Your core in general, meaning your