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10 years ago

Fighters/Jiu jitsu STOP doing this exercise! Anatomy and evidence Matters!

Chris Shah
Promoting knee flexibility for combat athletes is like promoting a slippery floor for dancers..

For the coaches who have responded with “I have coached knee flexibility and I have not had any injuries (knee) with my guys” Imagine how silly it would sound if you said “I have been smoking cigarettes for years and I don’t have cancer”

In essentially 100% of anatomy and rehab/ injury literature the primary importance of the knee,MCL, ACL is stability ( opposite of flexibility)

In nearly 100 % of injury literature the mechanism of injury of the knee including MCL and ACL injury is valgus stress and rotation ( flexibility)

In essentially 100 % of peer reviewed studies of the knee,MCL and ACL valgus ( internal rotation, the exercises in video ) is described as the main mechanism of injury ( also hyper extension and compression) Meaning the injury mechanism is essentially flexibility meeting force.

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