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10 years ago

Kobe Bryant in China, Signaling Career Move?

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And U.S. basketball star Kobe Bryant has thrilled his Chinese fans with a visit to the Mainland. The tour wrapped up in Nanjing; and the star mentioned some interesting career options.

NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant thrilled his Chinese fans in Nanjing on Sunday. He appeared at a youth challenge event, the final stop on his three-city China tour.

Kobe, the NBA, and basketball as a whole have been getting more and more popular in China. He seemed to get the message.

But things aren't going so smoothly stateside—Kobe's team, the Los Angeles Lakers, just had a disappointing season, and NBA players in general are in a lockout with management over pay figures.

Kobe mentioned that he's considering some other options.

[Kobe Bryant, NBA Basketball Star]:
"One thing about basketball is that it is a global sport now. So you can play anywhere you want to. As far as myself, I just train. I just train and be prepared for anybody that calls. So whether the NBA starts again or a team in Europe or here in China decides to call, I'll be ready."

Recently there've been rumors that Kobe is considering joining a major Turkish team, at least for a season. The star has yet to confirm or deny.

But, as he saw in China, he's already got a global fan base.

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