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11 years ago

Greatest Skateboarding Tricks

Broadband Sports
Broadband Sports
I made this montage as a tribute to modern skateboarding, these are some of the sickest tricks to ever go down on a skateboard. I'm not saying these are all of them though, I'll expand on this video with part 2 later on. Subscribe.

Tricks in order:

Jimmy Carlin - Double Nollie Heel

Dan Nepscha - Fs double flip onto a handrail

The Nuge - Huge Kickflip over gap

Jaane Saario - Kick flip manual bs crooked grind manual kickflip out

Ryan Sheckler - Monster kick flip at Marblehead?

Tony Tave - Big switch flip over a handrail

Chris Haslam - Crazy boned ollie

Eric Koston - 360 flip frontside nose blunt slide handrail

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