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11 jaar geleden

Feral dps 19k burst on heroic dummy self buffed

Season 5, 2.4k
Season 6 2.5k

Cleared all content before next content came out.

Hi guy's this is by far from perfect..
I made a couple of miss calculations but this is just an example how feral dps works and how it should be played. I play Feral dps for over 3 years now and at a decent level. Currently ranked 30th feral dps on magmaw and 37th on maloriak 25 man. Currently we are the 2nd strongest class in pvp and decent in pve but by far the strongest. Rankings on World of Logs can show you that ;)

Shout out to my guild. Seven on alliance Lightning's blade, Xodan who plays feral for paragon, i did alot of theorycraft with him before i moved allaince. Also shoutout to Lappé, simply the best boomkin on the planet :)

Druids for life.