Spotify Launches Basic Streaming Plan

  • 24 days ago
Spotify Launches , Basic Streaming Plan.
The streaming company announced the new
"Basic" plan on June 21, TechCrunch reports.
It will cost $10.99 per month,
but it won't grant access to audiobooks. .
Other than that, the Premium
benefits will remain the same. .
The news comes after Spotify raised its
Premium plan price to $11.99 a few weeks ago. .
The new "Basic" plan could be the first of a few
new subscription tiers, TechCrunch reports.
Spotify is reportedly developing a "Supremium" plan at the moment which would grant access to high-fidelity audio.
According to 'Bloomberg,' that tier will
cost a minimum of $5 more each month.
The streaming giant reported a
20% revenue increase in April.
It also saw Premium subscriptions
increase by 14%.
Spotify's Q2 2024 earnings are
expected to be released on July 24