Amphicar - The Car That Is Also A Boat

  • 25 days ago
WOULD you drive your car into the ocean? Say hello to the 'Amphicar' - an amphibious vehicle that can be driven into the body of any water. In the 1960s, West German designer Hans Trippel presented the 'Amphicar' in New York. Only 3,878 units were ever built by manufacturer Quandt Group between 1960 and 1965. But Kerry Cheese, who restores military vehicles for a living, bought one of these rare cars from Canada and spent over $40,000 to bring it back to its original state. Kerry said: “It didn’t really need too much work; it needed more mechanical work than body work." With a modest 38 horsepower from a 1,147 Triumph engine, its speed is certainly not its strong point: “You’ve got to remember to take everything just a bit slower,” explained Kerry. But Kerry was never aiming for speed - it's the freedom of being able to cruise on both roads and water that always stood out to the proud owner. He added: "The fun part comes when you come to the water, drive in, and then off you go down the river. It's one of the best feelings you can ever have."