We Were Offered $9 Million For Elvis Presley's BMW

  • 26 days ago
AFTER years of neglect, a 1957 feather white BMW 507 that previously belonged to Elvis Presley has been fully restored - and is now the most 'valuable' of its kind in the world. Elvis owned the car when he posted in Germany as a US Army Sergeant, but later sold it when he returned to the US. Nobody knew what had happened to the famous car up until 2014, when automotive journalist Jackie Jouret discovered that it had been sitting in a pumpkin warehouse on the outskirts of San Francisco for over 30 years. Its new owner, named Jack Castor, had no idea about who the car had previously belonged to. Jackie said: “I got the feeling that he wasn’t a fan of Elvis in the slightest. We take the tarp off, and the car is in-tact but rough shape. An ordinary 507 is really a $1.2-1.5 million car, but with the Elvis association it suddenly becomes the most valuable 507 in the world.” After finding out about the car’s history, Castor sent the BMW to be restored, but he sadly passed away before it was completed. The car now features at the BMW Museum in Munich, mere miles away from where it was first manufactured.