Biden and Trump Campaigns Agree to Mic Muting and Podium Rules for Upcoming Debate

  • 22 days ago
There's an update on the latest rules agreed upon by the Biden and Trump campaigns for the upcoming debate. One of the key changes is the implementation of mic muting. This means that the microphones of each candidate will be muted while the other is speaking, to ensure a more organized and civil conversation. The intention behind this rule is to minimize interruptions and allow for a clearer exchange of ideas. Additionally, the use of podiums will be mandatory for both candidates. This will provide a physical barrier between them, further preventing any potential physical confrontations or distractions. These measures aim to create a controlled and respectful environment for the debate. It's important to note that these rules and regulations were agreed upon by both the Biden and Trump campaigns. We will keep you updated as news on this crucial debate continues to develop, on Fan Reviews News.