My Girlfriend Gets The Glow Up She Deserves | TRANSFORMED

  • last month
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IN this episode of Transformed, Lesley Figueroa, from Massachusetts, is getting a ‘glow up’. The 25-year-old struggled with her weight from a young age and this affected her confidence through to adulthood. After realising she no longer wanted to rely on outside sources for validation, Lesley decided to make a real change for herself and got weight loss surgery. Lesley said: “I realised this is not the life I wanted to live for myself. I didn’t want to have to fake it to make it. I just want to feel it.” Now, since recovering from a health issue after the surgery, Lesley feels confident in her new body. She would like to step away from her ‘plain jane’ style and experiment with her look. Today, she’ll be getting her makeup done professionally for the first time ever and being dressed by a stylist who will be showing her how to elevate her look and make her feel even more confident.

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Hair & Makeup Artist: Emma Downs -
Stylist: Gilda Miranda -

Director/Videographer: Lauren Musgrove
Producers: Kim Nguyen, Emika Berry
Production Assistance: Purple Magnet Productions
Sound Mixer: Mallory McAninch
Editor: Alex Saunders