My Condition Means I'll Never Eat Again | BORN DIFFERENT

  • last month

OLIVIA was sick for years until she was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis aged 18. She explained to truly, "It's a paralysis of the stomach. I'm unable to eat or drink because my stomach is paralysed, that means it doesn't digest any food." To survive, Olivia relies on tube feeds to get her essential nutrients. "My main tube feed goes directly into my heart and the reason for that is to provide access to my bloodstream. Because none of my digestive system works properly, we have to feed through the bloodstream to completely bypass it." Keen to raise awareness of her condition, Olivia started making TikToks to educate others and currently has 45,000 followers, which she says is "surreal to me". Reflecting on her journey, Olivia said, "I don't like it when people say they feel sorry for me. I'm so much more than just my illness, that is just one part of my life."

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