I Lost 170lbs To 'Save Myself' | BRAND NEW ME

  • last month
SUPERMUM and healthy living advocate, Whitney, had a difficult relationship with food from a young age - but when she had children, her weight really skyrocketed. At her heaviest, her "health and mobility was at an all time low" - to the point where she "couldn't walk" and she was "hooked to TENS units and compression cuffs just to sleep at night". Eventually her doctor told her "I can't help you". Given the way in which her "eating addiction" had crept up on her over the years, it also took her a while to notice that her children were inheriting her food habits and, along with her husband Dylan, were overweight too. Whitney realised that she "had to make a change because it started with me". Consulting a therapist to help fortify her mentally for the road ahead, Whitney revamped her diet with a focus on low carbohydrate foods and lost 60lbs before having weight loss surgery in 2022 - after which the hard work really started. With her newfound passion for healthy eating and after establishing a 5-days-a-week gym regime, Whitney has lost an incredible 170lbs and dropped five wedding ring sizes. But the true reward for Whitney has been the effect her own journey has had on her family - her sons losing 65lbs and 70lbs respectively and her husband, Dylan, losing 40lbs. The outcome is not lost on Dylan, who told truly: "I'm beyond grateful to be honest. I believe she is 100% the main reason why we are how healthy we are and how happy we are as a family now."