Rustic trout feast cooked in the mountains of Skardu

  • last month
Amidst the landscapes of Skardu, he decided to cook a trout fish feast.

Surrounded by towering mountains and the serene beauty of nature, he combined fresh local ingredients with traditional recipes.

The crystal-clear streams of Skardu provided the perfect trout, caught just moments before cooking.

He set up his cooking station by the riverbank and prepared the fish, seasoning it with a blend of local herbs and spices.

As the fish sizzled over an open flame, the air filled with a mouth-watering aroma that mingled with the cool mountain breeze.

The result was a delicious, rustic dish that perfectly captured the essence of Skardu's culinary tradition.
Location: Skardu Valley, Pakistan
WooGlobe Ref : WGA844921
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