FX's CLIPPED Red Carpet Premiere | Ed O'Neill, Jacki Weaver, Cleopatra Coleman, Kelly Aucoin & more

  • last month
B-roll footage: Jacki Weaver (Shelly Sterling), Ed O'Neill (Donal Sterling), Cleopatra Coleman (V. Stiviano), Gina Welch (Showrunner), J. Alphonse Nicholson (Chris Paul), Charlie McElveen (JJ Redick), Jock McKissic (Glen 'Big Baby' Davis), Darryl Wesley (Jamal Crawford), Jourdan Sweeney (Jared Dudley), Jason Butler Harner (Glenn Bunting), Sheldon Bailey (DeAndre Jordan), Sarunas J. Jackson (Matt Barnes), Jack Topalian (Mac Nehoray), Kevin Bray (Director / Executive Producer), and LaVar Burton attend FX's "Clipped" red carpet premiere event at Regal LA Live in Los Angeles, California, USA, on Monday, June 3, 2024.
FX's 'Clipped' is the scandalous story of LA's other basketball team.
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