Jesse Plemons Is So Good In His One Scene In 'Civil War' The Internet Can't Stop Talking About It. How He Landed The Role

  • 2 months ago
"Civil War" set an A24 box office record as the studio’s first debut at the top of the box office charts. Writer/director Alex Garland’s contribution to the 2024 movie schedule has been raking in praise alongside that cash, and the internet can’t stop talking about how good Jessie Plemons is in his one pivotal scene. And as Garland himself revealed, the process of Kirsten Dunst’s husband landing that role was a very quick and surprising process at that.

Jesse Plemons has a reputation for being a memorable actor that can crush in a scene, and I’m totally in agreement with the world boosting that signal. We even highlighted the "Killers of the Flower Moon" actor in our "Civil War" review, as his presence was further proof that Alex Garland assembled a cast of absolute titans to deliver his electrifying war epic.