Zendaya And Florence Pugh Tell Us How They Really Feel About Paul’s Decisions At The End Of 'Dune Part 2'

  • 2 months ago
The ending of Dune: Part 2 is here, and despite all the major deaths, nothing hurt more than Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides proverbially stabbing Zendaya’s Chani in the back during its conclusion. During the grand finale for the sequel, Paul Atreides takes his place as the Fremen’s messiah and demands that Florence Pugh’s Princess Irulan take his hand in marriage in order to strengthen the houses. In light of the ending, CinemaBlend asked Zendaya and Pugh to weigh in on Paul’s decisions.

The Dune conclusion is especially gutting after seeing Paul and Chani form a romantic connection as he learns the way of the desert from the Fremen and becomes accepted as one of their people. After Paul declared to Chani “I will love you as long as I breathe,” how could he do this to her?