These 5 Things Keep Employees Happy

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These 5 Things , Keep Employees Happy.
Beyond equity, here are five things
companies can do to encourage
happy and healthy employees.
The COVID-19 pandemic forced some
into working from home, and many
find they prefer it that way.
Empower your workforce, and give employees choices that best suit their needs.
Predictability in the workforce is
something most employees prefer.
When encountering constant
change, employees can become
anxious and disenfranchised.
A dead-end opportunity makes a different job the only viable way to move up the ladder.
Humans thrive when they feel
valued. Employers who train and
empower their employees are more
likely to keep them around.
Sense of
Friendships in the workplace are imperative to make employees feel like they fit in.
Experts say companies can retain employees better by providing a safe space.
Jobs that feel more purposeful are
more likely to create an emotional
attachment with employees.
People want their work to make a difference, so a job without a purpose can cause them to begin looking for purpose elsewhere