2024 Mazda CX-60 Driving in Morocco

  • 16 days ago
The CX-60 with its i-Activ AWD All-wheel drive, solid chassis and a strong engine is the ideal four-wheeled solution for this adventure trip, especially on our trip through the Dadès Gorge. Negotiating the hairpin bends through the breathtaking rock formations is a real bucket-lister for every car fan. And thanks to the Mi-Drive system and its five driving modes, the car can adapt, come what may. Look no further than the off-road mode for challenging road conditions, for example.
As varied as the country may be – one constant remains. Wherever we stop, we run into a plethora of workshops where craftsmen – and craftswomen – go about their work. And while young Moroccans in particular often look at the West for modern trends and distractions, the appreciation for traditional arts and crafts remains exceptionally high.